Pulling the trigger


I had a Facebook account since the "Mafia Wars" days. I loved posting stuff too much that i know its annoying already.

I have a small circle of "friends". They were the first people I added on Facebook but as I jumped from one call center to another, reconnected with old acquaintances and met people along the way, my friend list grew.

At the start, i loved seeing my "friends" posts but i also started seeing garbage from people i dont really care about. tags and stuff started popping up left and right. The finale of the series I was following was spoiled by a post on Facebook!

I dont know what exactly triggered it but I deactivated my Facebook account around 2013. I activated it every few months to check. Eventually I forgot about it. 

Fast forward to 2021.. I have decided I dont need this account anymore. 

*Mafia wars is not a historical war.