My dog died this morning.

 The sun shined but it turned cloudy the rest of the day. I was there in his last moments. He tried to stand but cant. He was gasping for air. I left him for a bit, he was gone when i came back. He was with us for 7 years and 10 months. I will miss him very much. Thanks for the memories buddy.

I will tender

  this is the first stock i bought in 2017. Now, its time to tender

A Fruitful trip

 I visited Japan for the 2nd time and i played a bit of Ingress.  Achievement 1. Sojourner Medal in Hakata Station Achievement 2. Reach Level 12 while at Kokura Castle Achievement 3.  Saw the Cherry Blossoms!   Kokura Castle

I love her songs

This song will definitely be on top on my Spotify and Youtube Music yearend report!  

I love it when this writer sings the song he wrote

Lost Stars by Greg Alexander

Converge Update Nov 2022

  i have no downtime whatsoever that i can recall except that massive data center issue they had - and that's way back in November 2020. I tried to play around with my dns - Cloudflare, Google, etc I'm currently using Adguard DNS personal plan along with an asus tuf router in this speed test

AI Wins art contest

 I used the same AI to generate a Modern Spoliarum in 8k (/imagine modern spoliarium 8k --ar 16:9)