Quotables II

"Solitude is dangerous. It's very addictive. It becomes a habit after you realize how peaceful and calm it is. It's like you don't want to deal with people anymore because they drain your energy". - Jim Carrey -Jim Carrey

Quotables I

True love is as rare as unicorns

Sayonara bye bye

Sayonara bye bye, Please take care of yourself, 'Cause even though we've been here together, We're still different people, But we're not alone, Sayonara bye bye..♪♫


Oil prices drop from time to time. now, oil demand has evaporated.. i checked the charts and did a bit of research on what happened during those years..

PSE : Philippine Stock Exchange Index

The stock market is the only market where things go on sale and all the customers run out of the store - Cullen Roche

PSE : Jollibee Foods Corporation

Nothing lasts forever. Don't buy and hold!