re entering Bitcoin

Bitcoin fell from $64,854.00 to 28,805.00. I was silently watching in the sidelines but now, i think its safe to buy again. *screenshot from Binance App I bought some Bitcoin back in the 20th of August and got some decent gains. Its still a roller coaster ride -  Price dropped and i lost 1,000 pesos back in 30th of Aug but jumped back a few days later My indicators for this trade are the 50 Day Moving Average, Volume and MACD and I'm monitoring the weekly chart. Let's see how long this will go before we get the signal to sell. *B uy crypto at your own risk -  This is not an Investment Advice.  *Don't buy VUL - This is a Friendly Advice.

Converge Speed update

  I recently updated my router to an Asus TUF Gaming AX3000 I'm still on the FIBERX 2500 plan which according to their site  will give me 100 Mbps I picked this router to future proof things since it supports Wifi 6.  I dont have a wifi 6 phone at home yet. I wonder what the speeds would be when i finally get one..

Cryptocurrency boom

A few years back, I didn't believe in cryptocurrency. it was like a fad - and like any other fad, it will soon fade and die. A few friends have been encouraging me to get into it but I wont. The old man in me believed it was the stable stocks and bonds that will make great investments. I started trading stocks in 2017. The dividends, are small - a few hundred pesos each year but  the price of those stocks keep on dropping. Philippine stocks were at their highest when I started. By March 2020, some of my stock investments are at their lowest. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) and even Dogecoin (DOGE) have been going up this 2020 and 2021 but its a rollercoaster ride. Last Friday (May 7, 2021) The price of DOGE went up from 0.58 to as high as 0.73 I NEED TO BUY CRYPTO. I added funds then waited for the "right time" That "right time" for me came on 10th of May. I bought DOGE for 0.4995 It was a BIG MISTAKE. It went down to as low as 0.350 in the next few da

Pulling the trigger

  I had a Facebook account since the "Mafia Wars" days. I loved posting stuff too much that i know its annoying already. I have a small circle of "friends". They were the first people I added on Facebook but as I jumped from one call center to another, reconnected with old acquaintances and met people along the way, my friend list grew. At the start, i loved seeing my "friends" posts but i also started seeing garbage from people i dont really care about. tags and stuff started popping up left and right. The finale of the series I was following was spoiled by a post on Facebook! I dont know what exactly triggered it but I deactivated my Facebook account around 2013. I activated it every few months to check. Eventually I forgot about it.  Fast forward to 2021.. I have decided I dont need this account anymore.  *Mafia wars is not a historical war.

Quotables IV

  Grief is the price we pay for love. -Queen Elizabeth II Message from the Queen, read by the British ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer,  St Thomas's Episcopal Church on Fifth Avenue.  22 September 2001


  I've been using Converge for a few months now and I really like their service.  They send SMS alerts when they detect downtime in your area.  They have a Viber account that gives Service Advisory.  Their App shows you your bill and lets you pay it ..and of course, FAST INTERNET!! They debut on the stock market back in Oct 27. I dont own shares yet. I should buy some soon.

Quotables III

If religion is the opium of the masses, communism is the opium of the intellectuals. - F. Sionil Jose